Get your fitness results with S.W.A.T. Fit

S.W.A.T. Fit and Alan Cox provide a proven and effective  Personal Training Fitness Solution that provides men and women, with Fitness Programmes and Nutrition Plans to suit each individuals needs.

Get in shape, build muscle, burn fat, and lose weight with your very own Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience! Alan will give you all the Personal Trainer Support you need as you track your personal fitness training progress.

We are here to help you reach your body’s potential by bringing you the best information and news from the fitness and health industry while providing you innovative ways to work out. Through our customised personal training programmes, exercise plans and nutritional advice, we will keep you focused on your path to a new you!

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What makes S.W.A.T. Fit different

Exceptional customer care paired with an intelligent approach to fitness

Knowledge and education

Our commitment to ongoing education means we are always at the forefront of health & fitness

Modern exercise facilities

Train in modern and well equipped exercise facilities

5 Star client care

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional level of customer service

Individual coaching

Our individualised and structured coaching model ensures you progress quickly and safely

Caring about your success

Receive personal support and accountability from an expert that cares about your success


Advanced progress tracking tools produce measurable results

What you get with S.W.A.T. Fit

A comprehensive, personal training service providing everything you need to succeed

Intelligent training sessions

Every exercise, repetition and movement you perform is designed with you in mind

Expert guidance

You'll have an expert personal trainer guiding you through every step of your fitness journey

Nutritional coaching

A comprehensive Nutrition Guide plus regular success coaching via our online nutrition coaching system

Measured results

You'll see measurable results you can track at home with our handy smart phone app

Video exercise programmes

You'll receive personalised video workouts you can use alongside your personal training sessions

Mobile App

You'll have access to our online training system, managed through a handy mobile app

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Fitness Calculators

Do you want to know your One Rep Max, your BMI, or possibly your daily calorie intake target? But you have one problem, maths. Alan Cox at S.W.A.T. Fit has made your life a lot easier with these easy access fitness calculators.

“I wanted to thank you for giving me the motivation and will power to enjoy my ‘gym sessions’. With your help and knowledge I have improved my eating habits and stopped eating processed foods. The reason I use the Spirit gym is because of the service you provide and I would have no hesitation to change gym to continue to have your help.”

Mrs Jane Selvey – 35 – Aston Clinton